Meet Jody & Nick

I (Nick) created this page to tell you our story and the “why” behind Snazzy Pals.

Most of the photos you see here were taken by me out of love. Don’t worry, Jody will take your photos! I hold the leashes, pet the dogs, hand out treats, and get a ton of puppy kisses. Its a tough job, but someone has to do it.

Humble and accurate opinion incoming

First, Jody is the Best.

She’d never admit it, but here are all the reasons you couldn’t find a better pet photorgrapher or person to work with.

She’s Professionally Trained and Vegasly Trained!

Jody has been photographing since she was a young girl. I’ve heard stories of the amount of film her parents would get developed, its a lot.
She went to Webster University to further her photography education and we even went to Shutterhound in Las Vegas to learn from the best about pet photography.

I’ve seen her take amazing photos in even difficult situations. Throughout all these years her favorite thing to photograph was animals. Nothing replaces experience.

She See’s Things I Miss

She took this incredible photo in our back yard. It was icy and cold… I didn’t want to go outside.
She found a tree and a cardinal and saw the beautey in the day. She’s taken so many awesome photos but this will always be one of my personal favorites.

She Loves Animals and Has An Amazing Heart

This photo is of Teddy, a rescue dog that spent 5+ years in a shelter before Jody discovered him. He was so scared of everyone from mistreatment before his shelter life that he would get agressive whenever anyone got near him. The shelter enouraged us not to adopt Teddy because of how difficult he was even for the volunteers, but were so helpful and excited when we decided to give him a forever home.
With the help of a professional trainer, on this amazing day, Teddy let Jody pick him up and remained calm. Today, Teddy is the most friendly dog, you’d never realize the trauma he once dealt with in his life.

Award Winning Photographer

Jody once told me she never wins an award.

Pictured above is Jody winning an award.

She took the bear catching fish and the frog photo pictured above. Both won.

She Knows How to Have Fun and Make’s The Best Calendars.

Every year Jody makes a calendar just for her mom, who always requests one.

Here’s one of my favorites (non-dog) related. She went and took photos of her mom’s chickens.

Oh the expressions they can make.

She Give’s Back

We love animals, so it goes without saying that if we have a chance to give back we make it happen.
We’ve photographed rescue fundraisers, celebrations and events, as well as provided professional photos for rescue dogs to help them get adopted sooner.

But wait, there’s more…

Time to get serious

How I Joined Snazzy Pals

Hiring me is no simple task, it takes years of diligence.

I Met Jody

Here is a photo of one of our early dates, driving a couple hours to a resteraunt in a cave.
I met Jody like most engineers would, online. We hit it off immediately and I realized this was the girl for me. Several more years of dates were made.

We Got Married

This is Jody and I walking into our wedding reception.
Our wedding was put on by my mom and sister on Jody’s parents farm. Her father made a beautiful spot next to a pond for our wedding cerimony. My boss was our wedding minister. The receiption was in the small town were my dad and friends played in the band. Work collegues volunteered to make hard cider for the occasion. Jody’s mom baked several dozen homeade pies for desert.

The day was amazing to us because of our family and friends.

I Learned Dogs Are Amazing

The special guy on the left was my first dog Tanner.
Before Tanner, I was a little scared of dogs, and had been attacked by one when I was younger. I rescued Tanner to get over this and he gave me so much more in my life.
He was my walking buddy, close advisor and best friend when I lived solo for many years. He was an amazing swimmer, guard dog with a teddy bear in his mouth and a friend to all who crossed his path.

Tanner is the reason I love dogs today.

Ice Cream Was Not Enough

This is me making ice cream with my commercial ice cream maker Jody let me get and put in our home!
In our HOME!!!

It’s been a fun hobby, but I was searching for more and Jody had the big idea.

Jody Talked Me Into It

I love dogs, I loved Jody persuing her passion of pet photography, and how could I say no to the love of my life and the person who helps me persue my passions.

Snazzy Pals was born.

I’m An Experienced Business Man

Lets not kid ourselves.
As you can see by my niece’s sold out lemonade stand above, I have some experience in creating business demand that Snazzy Pals desired as well.
I’m not just good looks.

But wait, there’s more…

I’ll Get Serious This time, I ProMise

Why Snazzy Pals Means Something To Jody and I

The two dogs pictured are Nora and Thomas, two of the 4 dogs in our household. This was a photo the day we adopted them. They were scared, in bad condition, and not treated well from a breeding business that didn’t take proper care of their animals.

It took over a week for them to feel comfortable walking around the house, and even longer to walk back into the house after going to the bathroom outside.