Professional Dog Photography

The Snazzy Difference

Positive Experience

Capturing the perfect moment takes patience, adaptability and instincts that comes with experience and a love for animals.

We make sure that your pet’s comfort, happiness, and safety are of the highest priority.

Personalized Photography

The first step is always discussing a photo-session and what features of your dog you’d love to capture.

After your signature session, your photos will be professionally edited and we’ll discuss favorites. Final photos selected can be made into books, custom artwork, or other photo gifts available for purchase.

Cherished Keepsakes

Your pet’s portraits are more than just pictures; they are cherished memories that deserve to be displayed and treasured.

We offer personalized high-quality archival prints, wall-art, albums, and products to keep those memories alive.

Hi, I’m Jody!

I’m a proud pet parent of four dogs and four aquatic frogs.

If you asked me which came first, my love for animals or photography, I would probably have to say animals… barely.

I grew up on a farm so I’ve been around animals my whole life, and was introduced to photography at a young age thru 4-H. Blackie, my childhood family dog was one of my first photo subjects. Even when he wasn’t being photographed he was by my side for any photo adventure around the farm.

I’m a much better photographer now than when I took my first portrait of Blackie, but to this day I still admire it. When I see it I think of his loyalty to my family and how safe I felt when he was with me on those adventures. 

Each pet I’ve had over the years has meant the world to me and each of them have at least one special photo we love and will continue to comeback to. 

Without a doubt pets become apart of the family. If you agree, I would love to work with you and photograph your special bond. I photograph pets to give beautiful and meaningful artwork that you will love today and cherish for years to come.