Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of common questions we get at Snazzy Pals about our dog photography portrait sessions. Feel free to contact us as well for any additional questions you have.

Before every pet photo session, we first talk to our client to learn about their pets as well as what they’d love to get out of their photoshoot. When the session starts, we first spend some time getting your pets familiar with us and the camera. We then usually do several different types of shots to give you a variety of options to chose from. If your pet has a particular thing you love about them, we do our best to capture this as well.

Our photoshoots are personalized, so no two are exactly alike. You can expect the photoshoot to last about 1 to 2 hours, and we recommend having the session in the morning or evening during the best natural lighting. This ensures we have time to spend with your pet, make them confortable, and get the absolute best photos for you.

Before we finalize a photo shoot location we always talk with our clients first. We have some great locations to get amazing photos, but sometimes the best location is one near and dear to your heart. We are very flexible and will talk through the options with you.

Spring and Fall are the most popular times of year for pet photography because of the bloom in the spring, and color change in the fall. Having said this, there is actually no best time of year.

Each period of the year provides its own unique awesome features that can make a great photograph. In our opinion for instance, there may be nothing better than a dog in snow! Its also important to consider why you want to photograph your dog. If they are a puppy or an older dog you want to capture, its best to book a session in the near term rather than wait.

If you’d like to book during the most popular time of year, be sure to book in advance if your able to, as dates can fill up quickly.

Most dogs we photograph are not well trained, this is perfectly normal. We can take amazing photos of the greatest trained dog, and the most active puppy or puppy at heart. The key is years of practice, skill and most importantly patience and wanting to let their personality shine. We are confident no matter what the situation, we can help make a great photo shoot for your family. Most importantly, we want your best friend to be themselves, we love to capture the unique personality of each pet we meet.

Sometimes a dog can be nervous around the camera. We have spent a great amount of time learning dog behaviour, and will do everything we can to help make your dogs big day an enjoyable one. We start every session first with making sure your pet is comfortable with us and the camera. Don’t worry, we have a couple tricks up our sleeve.

While it doesn’t happen often, sometimes you can’t beat mother nature. If bad weather arrises on the photoshoot day we’ll reach out and reschedule. In most cases, we’ll have a good idea well in advance of the day of shoot of potentially bad weather. If for some reason you need to reschedule, we can always rework you into our remaining available dates.

Rest assured, our goal is to not just give you a great photo shoot, but to also make sure your pet is comfortable.

We couldn’t imagine our family without our dogs, so of course we completely understand the desire to take a full family photo with your pets, and yes we offer packages to include family in the photos.

Most photoshoots will need to be booked at least 1 week in advance, but depending on the time of year and availability, a photoshoot may need to be booked further in advance.

If you are interested in a photoshoot, it’s best to reach out as soon as possible, and we can discuss available dates.

We can definitely discuss product options with you to best prepare for your photoshoot, but there is no requirement to choose products before a photoshoot, and no minimum purchase after a photoshoot.

We want to create artwork you’ll cherish for years to come, so making sure you love your artwork first is important to us.

Yes. We volunteer with several pet organizations each year. Some of the organizations we’ve helped include.

  • Unchained Melodies
  • Rescue Aliance
  • SPEAK! Rescue and Sanctuary
  • Moxy’s Mission
  • Second Chance
  • Little Ray of Sunshine Animal Rescue

We love doing volunteer work, and in particular love when we can provide our photogrpahy skills to help raise awareness or get pets adopted faster. If you have an organization that could use some help, please reach out, we’d love to assist you!

In addition to our volunteer work we also donate to pet charities each year. Our hearts are deeply indebted to our pets, and we want to help give other pets a better life.

Still have Questions?

There are no weird questions and were here to help. Let us know what your thinking and we’ll touch base with you shortly.

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